Commander Detective Service - Private Investigation Service, Calicut - Searching concrete evidence of reality!

Investigative consultant - Asset verification, Real-estate, Legal affairs, Matrimonial investigation, Market survey, Tax consultancy Commander Detective Services


Our Extended Hands

Commander (CDS) extents its services providing information about individuals and organizations gathered through discreet and reliable channels and update them with comprehensive and evidential reports.

Some of the areas we are usually relied up on are as follows:

1. Matter investigation

“A facilitator to manage crisis decisions”
CDS investigates deeper into particular matter and provides adequate research analysis and reports. This will be helpful in crisis decision management.

2. Business problems and solutions

“Sleep with out fear. Live with out worry,”

  • Business and market survey.
  • Verification of insurance claims.
  • Pre and post employment verification or screening.
  • Verification of movable and immovable assets.
  • Verification of hand writing in detecting forgery.
  • Investigation of trademark patent infringements and bank frauds.
  • Watch and ward.
  • Transportation of precious items and valuables

3. Matrimonial investigation

“Searching concrete evidence of reality”.

A).The background of pre marital and post marital cases.

Enquiries get handled with expertise and discretion (with assured secrecy).

B) In divorce cases, concrete evidence that are tenable in court will be focused.

4. Drug addiction and socio-anxiety disorder

“ Caring hands for your children”
Social anxiety disorder is rampant among teenagers and school going children. When entrusted, we follow them with cautious approach with out their knowledge and investigate in a discreet level to the root cause of the problem. The commander even lends its professional hands to guide them back to life. Caring hands keep the secrets intimate. We can provide private encoded space for the preservation of important information, which they can operate by themselves if that suits our clients.
(we also have a special package for NRI parents, the first of its kind in India, to protect and safeguard their wards from all kind of untoward social and civil problems.)

5. Shadowing

“ Man behind the shadows”

  • Mobile stationary surveillance of persons
  • Minute detail documentation and
  • Spotting the locations are undertaken by CDS.

6. Socio environmental investigation( Authorized service provider to NGOs)

“We serve the Nature”
Investigate into the project implementation problems and status. We also provide the real facts/reports in a highly confidential manner. We take pride in serving for the better existence of mankind. We collect and provide legal evidences for the public and organizations. Opinion polls are conducted on request. Analytical reporting of pollution, social insecurity and environmental imbalances are also undertaken.

7. Electronic surveillance systems.

“Reliable personal authentication tools”

  • Time and attendance marking in any organization.
  • ATMs, access control systems.
  • Car and house security.
  • Access to bank lockers.
  • For personalized tracking systems.
  • Computer access control which replaces passwords.