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For an active person difficult situations are hard to avoid in life.

To overcome them, for self or others, a competent person comes out taking command over the situational components and redirecting them, effectively and safely, applying knowledge, intelligence and experience, creating thus an acceptable solution.

The inspiration behind this Venture

Belief, trust and love, are the corner stones or the basic edifice of human achievement. But they are slowly vanishing from the human mind. Culture, society, and family are all busy, enforcing their own schedules. When anything unfortunately goes out of the groove, you are alone with your problem. Everything suddenly goes haywire. The presence of a believable companion helps one’s recovery substantially. He suddenly becomes a commander whom one can trust and rely upon. This not only changes the world one experiences, but also reassures that one moves in this world with little inhibitions or fear next time!


Realizing these pressing demands of the present scenario of tensions and confusions, we at Commander Detectives keep a pair of optimistic eyes with a well developed sixth sense, ever ready to come out as your friend to defend your prosperous life and business. We do that for a reasonable charge, to enable us continue our best practices without blemish.
Commander Detective Services (CDS) has about 20 years of experience in detective services. We work through our networks all over India.

With a team of qualified and experienced professionals we pursue this noble goal. CDS is your trustful companion. We help to make you a better decision maker at critical junctures in your life, and provide solutions when crisis overtakes your plans. Commander’s modus operandi assures you complete secrecy, the very best we could muster.

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